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Fieldlife Environmental Consultants specializes in Environmental Impact Studies in compliance with municipal governments, Official Plans (OP) and Natural Heritage Systems under the provisions of the newly amended Provincial Policy Statment (PPS).

Natural Heritage Impact Study

Fieldlife Environmental Consulants provided a full Natural Heritage Impact Study (NHIS) on a <  1 hectare property on behalf of Uniwood Management Ltd.  Terrestrial Biologists conducted flora and fauna surveys, Ecological Land Classification (ELC), and GIS services.  An NHIS report was submitted to the local Conservation Authority for approval under their guidelines for Environmental Impact Studies (EIS).


Dufferin Wind Farm

Another consulting firm approached Fieldlife Environmental Consultants to perform site investigation, mapping and report writing services for one of their Class 4 one hundred megawatt wind farms.  This included adding delineated ELC polygons to update an 8500 hectare project location and 45 kilometer transmission line. A 192 page Site Investigation and 45 page Evaluation of Significance report was written describing 225 candidate significant wildlife habitats, 101 wetlands and 77 woodlands under the Renewable Energy Act (REA) approval process for submission to the provincial government.

Tree Inventory and Assessment

We were retained by a London-based firm to conduct a tree inventory to determine the volume of harvestable lumber on a 42 hectare parcel of land in Oxford County.  This work led to an improvement cut to make the property more attractive to potential buyers.

Botanical surveys in Stoney Creek, Ontario

A client required full botanical surveys of 22 hectares of land along the Red Hill Valley Parkway in Stoney Creek, Ontario.  Fieldlife Botanists surveyed over 300 species of vascular plants and identified 3 Ontario Species at Risk, contributing over 2200 records to an existing Excel database on all vascular plants for the project.



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