Field Botanist

Fiedlife is pleased to announce that we are supporting the EARTHQUEST International FBT Program by partially covering tuition for some EARTHQUEST field courses. For graduates of EARTHQUEST Biological Field School field botany courses (any of the 4 offered at discounted rates for volunteers of the Niagara Escarpment World Biosphere Reserve Project), or Botanists with an inventory rate or 1 ha/hr and a plant species list of 800 vascular plants within the Carolinian and Mixed Deciduous forest regions of Ontario we may hire up to 2 Field Botanists. Candidates will be required to field identify all vascular plants found on the Niagara Escarpment trail system. Successful candidates will be paid an hourly rate under a sub-contractor agreement. The pay scale will vary depending on the botanical nventory rate of candidates and may follow the following hourly rate format:


1. botanical inventory rate of 1 ha/0.5 hr = $50/hr

2. botanical inventory rate of 1 ha/1 hr = $40/hr

3. botanical inventory rate of 1 ha/ 2 hrs = $30/hr

4. botanical inventory rate of 1 ha/3 - 5 hrs = $25/hr

5. botanical inventory rate of 1 ha/5 - 8 hrs = $20/hr

6. botanical inventory rate of 1 ha/8 - 10 hrs = $18/hr

7. botanical inventory rate of 1 ha/> 10 hrs = $15/hr



Graduated from 1 or more EARTHQUEST field botany courses (or discounted plant courses for volunteeers) within the past 10 years is an asset;
•Knowledge of the Occupational Health and Safety Act along with Bear Awareness training;
•Excellent working knowledge of the vascular plants of the Carolinian and Mixed Deciduous Forest regions of Ontario, including Species at Risk (SAR).  Applicants are encouraged to submit their Ontario plant species list.  Those that do not meet this criteria may choose to enroll in field botany courses;
•Knowledge and experience using Ecological Land Classification (ELC) protocol to classify wetland and terrestrial systems into ecosite and vegetation types;
•Knowledge of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) using ArcView 10.3, or earlier version is an asset;
•Ability to work weekends and evenings in potentially remote areas;
•Reliable vehicle and ability to travel to field site(s);
•Must state in application williness to take EARTHQUEST certification courses if you don't meet the eligibility requirements;
•If currently living in the Hamilton, Dundas, or Bruce peninsula areas this is an asset


To Apply for this position

Applicants are encouraged to submit a resume/CV, copy of your transcript from a recognized university or college, copy of your degree/diploma, 3 references, Ontario plant species list and EARTHQUEST certificate (if you are an EARTHQUEST graduate).  Interviews will be conducted by EARTHQUEST staff.  Please place "Field Botanist" in the subject header and email your application no later than 5:00 pm April 30, 2016;